Children’s program

Children’s program

As is logical, the correct development of babies worries their parents even before they are born. There are many factors which, from the early stages of a person’s life can condition their development.
Certain genetic vulnerabilities to some of these factors, like tolerance to toxics, specific digestive problems that condition neuronal capacity or pharmacogenetics may alter it. For this reason, knowing which medicines are suitable for the organism and which are toxic is highly important.
What provides the solution to considerable health problems for the majority of children can cause, in some cases, equally important damage, making it fundamentally important to be very aware of the vulnerabilities of babies when administering medication, vaccinations and food. Even as far as in some extremely sensitive people causing serious brain damage which could be very difficult to repair.
Oriented towards the very young, from the very moment they are born and applicable thereafter at every stage of their growth.

Blocks analysed:


neuroplasticity risk

  • apolipoprotein E
  • adrenergic system
  • coagulation/thrombosis
  • methylation: capacity / treatment
  • dopamine/serotonin

oxidative stress risk

  • phase I of detoxification
  • phase II of detoxification

immunogenic profile: inflammation risk / carcinogenic

  • immune response processes


  • longevity potential
  • potential risks
  • vascular risk
  • lipid metabolism
  • thrombosis
  • haemorrhagic stroke
  • arterial hypertension
  • endothelial vulnerability
  • metabolic syndrome (obesity / insulin resistance)
  • bone health
  • carcinogenic processes
  • cognitive and psychoaffect IVE potential
  • general response to medicine

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