The Apollo method | Valenia Health Services

The Apollo method is a novel endoscopic intervention using an advanced System of Endoscopic Suture OverStitch of Apollo Endosurgery, for the treatment of Obesity.

ServiDigest presently recommend two endoscopic interventions depending on the indication present for the patient:

Gastric Endoscopic Sleeve

It consists in reducing the stomach by endoscopic route by carrying out a series of sutures in the wall of the stomach creating folds, that reduce the size and capacity of the gastric cavity,

preventing its distension and accommodation of the foods, provoking an early satiety and delaying the appearance of hunger feeling.

The Apollo Method is an endoscopic procedure without external incisions, which converts it in a safe and little invasive method allowing to reducing the capacity of the stomach by oral route

without it is required to open any route of access in the abdominal wall.

After undertaking the endoscopic intervention, the protocol of Clínica ServiDigest sets a follow-up programme to achieve the objective of losing weight, adding-up the results of the technique

and the changes of nutritional habits of the patient and of his healthier style of life. The follow-up programme is essential to achieve the best results and it is supervised by the multidisciplinary team

of specialists in digestive system-endoscopy, endocrinology, nutrition-dietetics and clinical psychology.

RECO-Endoscopic repair of Obesity Surgery

The Endoscopic repair of a Gastric By-pass by means of a System of Endoscopic Suture OverStitch of Apollo Endosurgery, consists in undertaking a reduction by endoscopic route of the dilated gastro-jejunal anastomosis, without having to have recourse to external incisions.

Through an endoscope introduced through the mouth, sutures are made in the gastro-jejunal anastomosis to reduce its size, achieving a slower passage of the food, entailing an early satiety

and delaying the appearance of hunger feeling.

By means of this endoscopic suture system the stump or gastric pouch can be reduced in the event of an overdilatation.

The patients who undertook a surgical intervention of Gastric By-pass and who years later have again an increase of the weight, shall be assessed and in the event that a dilatation of the gastro-jejunal anastomosis occurred allowing a larger passage of the food and the subsequent increase of weight, can take profit from this endoscopy intervention.