About us


Service company providing medical assistance to foreign patients in Barcelona. We propose a large range of services in the field of medical tourism in Spain and provide consultation and full patient support from the moment he contacts us till the end of his treatment.

Our company successfully collaborates with the largest clinics of Barcelona, many of which are the best scientific research medical institutes in Europe — recognised leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.


The specialists of VALENIA HEALTH SERVICES — are professional coordinators, consultants and translators with great experience in the field of medical tourism in Spain. We work with any medical case, including the most difficult ones, because we know we can help. World-class experts in areas such as oncology, obstetrics and gynaecology, neurosurgery, paediatrics, plastic surgery and others practice in Barcelona. We choose the most appropriate specialist and specialised clinics for the patients considering each problem individually.

Our company ensures the comfort of our clients and undertakes all formalities in the organisation of treatment abroad. We organise the whole stay in Barcelona — from the registration of visa documents to the patient’s return home after treatment. Our employees translate all medical documents, necessary for a quick case study and proper treatment program choice or check up for free.

Taking into account all the details of the process and the difficulties that a patient seeking treatment in a foreign country might experience, we will schedule an appointment with our specialists based on individual preferences and will closely supervise the services provided by the hospital.


Medical tourism in Spain is becoming more and more popular. Patients from different countries come for the high quality of medical service, well-equipped hospitals and reasonable prices.

The Spanish health care system is considered, as one of the best not only in Europe, but according to WHO, Spain ranks fourth in the world, for its high medical services. State support ensures high-class services from specialists to advanced research and development centres. Prices are lower, in comparison to other countries of Western Europe.

Spain is also a worlds leader, in terms of the number of medical innovations as well as being known for its scientific achievements, the use of cutting-edge technologies and techniques. High end Technical equipped hospitals, make Spain one of the most attractive countries for medical tourism.


Every year, about 16 000 foreign patients arrive for treatment in Barcelona — the medical capital of Spain. Those are mostly citizens of the UK, France, USA, Middle East and Russia.

Why Barcelona

The best Spanish clinics Barcelona based, specialising in various medical fields. This makes it possible to undergo check up in Spain with a large range of specialists, without having to travel out of the city.

The largest research centres, world leaders in the fields of oncology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, paediatrics and gynaecology provide their consultations regarding your cause.

20 Catalan clinics, most of which are located in Barcelona, have international accreditation JCI with a high medical certificate rank.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Europe, famously known for its wide range of medical help, making it an advantage of combining your treatment together with a holiday.


Services we propose

  • Translation of medical documents
  • Selection of clinics and specialists
  • Registration of the documents required for the trip
  • Preparation of individual programs for accommodation and treatment in Barcelona
  • Airport transfers, accommodation in hotels, apartments or villas of any comfort and category
  • Vehicle rental and outings
  • Translator support throughout your stay and treatment in Spain

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