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Our medical services

The specialists of VALENIA HEALTH SERVICES — are professional coordinators, consultants and translators with great experience in the field of medical tourism in Spain. We work with any medical case, including the most difficult ones, because we know we can help. World-class experts in areas such as oncology, obstetrics and gynaecology, neurosurgery, paediatrics, plastic surgery and others practice in Barcelona. We choose the most appropriate specialist and specialised clinics for the patients considering each problem individually.

Our company ensures the comfort of our clients and undertakes all formalities in the organisation of treatment abroad. We organise the whole stay in Barcelona — from the registration of visa documents to the patient’s return home after treatment. Our employees translate all medical documents, necessary for a quick case study and proper treatment program choice or check up for free.

Taking into account all the details of the process and the difficulties that a patient seeking treatment in a foreign country might experience, we will schedule an appointment with our specialists based on individual preferences and will closely supervise the services provided by the hospital.