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BARRAQUER OPHTHALMOLOGY CENTRE is a private organization dedicated to research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of eye diseases, providing comprehensive eye care to patients worldwide. Our medical team consists of 30 highly qualified ophthalmologists, divided into areas of different specializations, providing and guaranteeing our patients an individualized treatment according to the needs of each case.

Each year, more than 100,000 consultations take place, generating 9,000 surgical procedures and 5,000 laser treatments. These figures, undoubtedly, place BARRAQUER among the leading eye clinics worldwide.

Internationally, Barraquer stands as a centre of reference in corneal transplants, besides being the first centre in Spain to implement the revolutionary new chip for artificial vision: the Argus II.


Main specialization of Barraquer centre:

  • refractive laser surgery for myopia correction, hypermetropia and astigmatism
  • eye oncology
  • paediatric ophthalmology
  • oculoplastic
  • treatment of binocular vision and strabismus


  • 5 operating rooms, all equipped with equipment and instrumentation of last generation
  • 7 laser facilities
  • 19 boxes and 44 beds
  • 24h emergency room

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Barraquer once again becomes a certified Clinical Site of Excellence of EVICR

Employees of VALENIA HEALTH SERVICES shall consult you on eye treatment in Barcelona and make an appointment with a specialist.

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