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Medical oncology — The Baselga Oncological Institute

The Baselga Oncological Institute is the worldwide famous medical centre in Spain specializing in oncology. The centre was opened in 1998 by a famous Spanish oncologist Dr. Jose Baselga.
Instituto Oncologico Baselga is located in the clinic Quiron Salud Barcelona being a complex centre for treatment of oncological and haematological diseases.
This centre treats more than 3,000 patients a year, and the total number of cancer patients is about 18,500 a year. Instituto Oncologico Baselga possesses outpatient rooms, a day hospital, and round-the-clock emergency service.
The major directions in which Instituto Oncologico Baselga works are:

– lung cancer,
– neck and head cancer,
– breast cancer,
– tumours of the female reproductive system,
– cancer of the genitourinary system,
– lung cancer,
– cancer of the gastrointestinal tract,
– skin cancer,
– sarcoma et al.

At the Baselga Oncological Institute in Barcelona, all specialists work together for the arrangement of the health concerns of the patient. Emphasis is made on a comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases using the most advanced scientific, technical and therapeutic technologies.
Cancer therapy methods are selected individually for each patient taking into account the type of a tumour and the stage of the disease.
The staff of the Baselga Oncological Institute are highly qualified specialists and real experts in various fields of oncology who are fluent in modern methods of medical treatment.
The Institution has united a team of the real specialists:

– Doctors: oncologists, haematologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, radiologists.
– Nurses
– Specialists in psycho-oncology
– Specialists in proper nutrition
– Specialists in aesthetic surgery
– Methods of alternative medicine: acupuncture, homoeopathy.

The staff of VALENIA HEALTH SERVICES will provide you with all necessary information about medical treatment and prices in the Baselga Oncological Institute in Barcelona and will assist you in making an appointment with the doctor.

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