FAQ about High Definition Liposuction with Microaire | Valenia Health Services

High Definition Liposuction is one of the star treatments in Instituto de Benito made with Microaire and indicated for both men and women with which it is possible to thoroughly eliminate the fat that is around the muscles to make them more visible and defined.

Dr.Saad, an expert and pioneer of the technique, has responded enthusiastically to all the questions.


What is the difference between a normal liposuction?

Re: High definition is an accurate sculpture of body fat to accentuate the underlying anatomy creating an attractive athletic appearance. The difference is not only in the technique used but also in the device used. In this case is Microaire.

Is total or local anaesthesia necessary?

Re: The type of anaesthesia depends on many factors, including the number of areas to be treated, the patient’s body habit, the volume of fat that will be eliminated, among other factors. In general, the treatment of one or two zones can be done under local anaesthesia.

How much fat can be removed?

Re: There is no absolute volume that should be followed. The elimination of 5 liters of fat is different in a patient weighing 85 kg and another weighing 50 kg. This is a number that should be determined when you visit your plastic surgeon, who will discuss with you the volume of fat could be safely extract.

What is the maximum in liters of fat that can be extracted?

Re: There is no absolute maximum. Each patient must have a personalized plan.

How many zones can be treated at the same time?

Re: Depends on each patient. We have made a high definition of chest, abdomen, back, arms, thighs and fat transfer at one time. But this does not mean that all patients are candidates to have everything done. This must be determined aftertheevaluation.

Does flaccidity improve?

Re: Yes, it does improve the laxity of the skin. The degree of improvement depends on your age, general health and skin type. If high definition alone can correct the laxity of the skin or if you need additional interventions, that should be determined by your plastic surgeon in the physical examination.


Re: Pain is well controlled with commonly prescribed medications that are usually needed thefirst 3 to 4 days after surgery.

Pre-operation doubts:

Do you need to be thin to be a candidate?

Re: No, being a candidate depends on many factors. You can have a little overweight and be a candidate. Thisshould be determined after your evaluation and based on your body habit, body mass index, type and quality of skin and other factors.

If I have a prophylactic total gastrectomy, could I done it?

Re: This should be determined after an evaluation. It depends on whether your gastrectomy has been made openly or laparoscopic, presence of hernias or dehiscence, etc.

After being a mother, how long do you have to wait to perform the operation?

Re: I recommend waiting a full year before any intervention.

Can it be done on legs with cellulite?

Re: Yes, thighs with cellulite can be treated. In fact, treatment with Microaire can help resolve cellulite.

How long does the operation take?

Re: The duration of the operation depends on the number of zones to be treated. For example, high-definition liposculpture of the abdomen, back, thighs and fat transfer to an area usually takes about 3 hours.

If you weigh 85kg and measure 1.64cm, can you get the treatment?

Re: According to the numbers you have provided, your body mass index is around 32. Ideally, high-definition liposculpture should be performed in patients with a BMI less than 30. I recommend that you lose the additional weight before any intervention.

I am a mother, I had diastasis in my pregnancy, and the delivery was cesarean. Can I do it?

Re: Yes, high definition can be done in your situation. But first, the repair of muscular diathesis is a priority, which can be done through a full or mini tummy tuck.

If you have already done a liposuction before it affects?

Re: Usually not. The Microaire technology we use is excellent for treating areas that have scars from previous surgery.The only thing is that your swelling can last a little longerthan patients who have never had surgery.

I just gave birth, and I still have not strengthened my abdomen. Isitflaccid?

Re: I recommend that you wait until your body recovers from labor before any intervention. This usually takes from 8 to 12 months.As far as flaccidity is concerned, high-definition liposculpture can cause good skin retraction, first part appears immediately after surgery, and another part takes a few months to be seen. Having said that, your plastic surgeon must determine your candidacy for a liposuction procedure against liposuction and excision of the skin after a physical examination.

If there is overweight and abdominal fat can it be done?

Re: It’s hard to say, you need a personalized evaluation, but you should generally lose weight until your BMI is less than 30.

How much excess of fat can be had at the time of the operation to have better results?

Re: There is no absolute number. Each patient must have a personalized analysis and plan.

Is it compatible with Lipedema?

Re: Microaire has been used for the treatment of lipedema. I do not recommend high definition, since patients with lipedema have very thin and weak skin.

Post-operation doubts:

Will I have a scar?

Re: The scars measure less than 1 cm each, located in areas that are hidden or covered with underwear. Usually, after a few months you cannot see them.

How much recovery time needs?

Re: Recovery after HD liposuction with the Microaire system is relatively fast. Usually, patients return to work after 1 week or a little less. Usually, after 3 weeks, patients can see almost 80% of the result, and 20% develop slowly over the following weeks.

How long do I have to be off?

Re: It depends on how many areas have been treated, general health and the work of the patients. Generally, most patients return to work within a week.