Fatness treatment

Fatness treatment

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Obesity is the most frequent metabolic disease in the developed countries and according to the WHO, one of the great epidemic disease of the XXI th century.

Clínica ServiDigest has available a medical-surgical Department for the study and treatment, in a coordinated and multidisciplinary way, of the different degrees of Overweight and Obesity: nutritional-dietetic, pharmacological, endoscopic and surgical.

The different degrees of Overweight and Obesity request different levels of treatment, therefore they have to be studied and treated in specialized multidisciplinary services.

The medical-surgical team is comprised of professionals, specialists of Endocrinology, Nutrition-Dietetics, Clinical Psychology, Digestive Endoscopy and Obesity Surgery (Bariatric surgery).

Medical Treatments

Clínica ServiDigest Services of Endocrinology, Nutrition-Dietetics and Clinical Psychology study the degree of Overweight, the type of Obesity and the associated diseases, and in coordination with the Digestive-Endoscopy and Obesity Surgery Services they recommend a medical, nutritional-dietetic, pharmacological, endoscopic or surgical treatment in an individualized way for each patient.

Selected Endoscopic Treatments

Their team of specialists of Bariatric Endoscopy is permanently scientifically updating to select the best endoscopic treatments.

Presently recommended:


Many types of intragastric balloons exist. The medical team of Bariatric Endoscopy of Clínica ServiDigest analyses the novelties of the market and selects the best endoscopic Balloon on the ground of quality, clinical experience and safety for the patient.

  1. APOLLO METHOD ENDOSURGERY: It is the System of Endoscopic Suture OverStitch.
    Gastroplastia Restrictive Endoscopy
  • RECO- Endoscopic repair of Obesity Surgery.

Selected Surgical Treatments

The team of specialists of Bariatric Surgery is permanently scientifically updating to select the best surgical treatments. ServiDigest presently recommend:

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