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Hospital Quiron Teknon

Vilana 12, 08022 Barcelona

Quiron Teknon Hospital is one of the leading private medical centres in Spain, owing to the high quality of health care and related services and the use of an individual approach and the latest technologies.

Hospital Quiron Teknon is governed by strict rules of compliance with quality and provides patients with the most complete and reliable service, for which the Center is accredited by the Joint Commission International and bears a certificate from the Generalitat of Catalonia based on the EFQM model, European Foundation for Quality Management as a centre with the highest medical standards and has become one of the few centres in Spain with these certificates.

Teknon is focused on innovation and continuous improvement, as the specialists of the Centre participate in research projects.

The clinic has more than 400 leading experts in the field of oncology, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, traumatology, maxillofacial surgery, aesthetic and plastic surgery, neurosurgery, surgery of obesity and diabetes, reproductive medicine, regenerative stem cell therapy, urology. Annually about 25000 surgeries are performed, about 100000 cases of emergency are treated and more than 2000 babies are delivered. The hospital provides 230 individual chambers and 19 luxury chambers.

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