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Barnaclínic — is one of the best private clinics in Barcelona, which is a subdivision of the State University hospital Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Thus, Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic offers the advantages of both a private and public medical centre. This primarily means that the patients of Barnaclínic have access to world-class professionals whose qualifications are confirmed not only by their vast practical experience but also by research work, regular publications and participation in scientific projects.

Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital specializes in the treatment of complex pathologies. Since the clinic is part of the largest scientific and medical center in Barcelona (and one of the leading scientific and medical centers in Spain), it has an ultramodern technological base where the most modern methods of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of the most complex diseases of various organs and systems of the human body are implemented.

One of the key principles of activity of Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic is the provision of a wide range of medical services: from dentistry to transplantology. The highest level of medical services, technological equipment, a variety of specializations and world-class service ensure that Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic is among the top European and world-wide private clinics and ensure its great demand among medical tourists from Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia and the Middle East.

Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic is among the leading medical institutions in Spain by rating, taking into account especially complex cases, according to indicators such as:

  • recovery
  • hospitalization period
  • minimal number of complications and relapses

Leading Specializations in Barnaclínic+

Transplantology department

Transplantology department at Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic is unique in its capabilities and achievements and enjoys the reputation of a leading transplant centre not only in Europe but also in the world. In particular, it is worth highlighting the field of liver transplantation: over 1,500 patients have had such a surgery at Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic. A Transplant Services Foundation was established at the department in Barnaclínic hospital, which has been supporting the development of transplantology for more than twenty years. The office is managed by Juan Carlos García Valdecasas, President of the International Community of Liver Transplantation, a world-renowned surgeon.

Stem cell transplantation

The first hematopoietic stem cells transplantation in Spain occurred at Barnaclínic in 1976. Allogeneic transplantation was also held for the first time within the walls of Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic, and over the past 40 years, surgeons of the hospital have performed more than two thousand transplantations. In addition, the hospital annually performs about a hundred autologous bone marrow transplants – one of the most complex operations in this field of medicine.

Department of Cardiology

Cardiology, cardiovascular surgery and sports cardiology belong to the leading fields in Barnaclínic. Some of the best specialists in the country work in the department of cardiology, unique and complex surgeries are performed using innovative methods, including non-invasive methods. Brilliant results are achieved here both in cardiac surgery and in the diagnosis and prevention of heart diseases. The result of the department’s work is recorded recovery and minimization of complications.

Oncology at Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic

The specialists of the clinic have achieved stunning results in the treatment of cancer. The first cancer-affected kidneys in the world were resected at Barnaclínic using the innovative NOTES technique, which helps to avoid scars since the removal is done through natural openings. This revolutionary method reduces the risk of complications and significantly reduces the period of postoperative recovery.

Barnaclínic also leads the field of robot technology in medicine. In particular, Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic is one of the few in Europe where the new Da Vinci Xi robot is used – the last generation Da Vinci device that allows virtuosic operations with the highest accuracy and minimal blood loss.

Outstanding specialists of Barnaclínic Grupo Hospital Clínic

Barnaclínic hospital deals with the treatment of almost any pathology and specializes in particularly difficult cases. The staff consists of about four and a half thousand doctors and medical workers. The core of the staff is a team of 550 unique specialists. They include:

  • Antonio de Lacy — head of the Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery. He created a team that became the world leader in the use of microinvasive technologies. SP technology is being developed under his leadership – a surgical method through a single hole: Single port.
  • Juan Carlos García Valdecasas — head of the department of transplantology, president of the International Community of Liver Transplantation.
  • Josep Brugada — one of the leading cardiologists in the world, an expert in the treatment of arrhythmia with the help of radiofrequency catheter ablation.
  • Manuel Sabate — distinguished cardiologist, specialist in interventional cardiology.
  • Edward Gratakos — head of the department of fetal medicine. Author of many surgical techniques on the fetus in the womb; coordinator of three pan-European projects on fetal medicine; winner of the awards of leading medical communities in Europe.

Why Barnaclínic is one of the best clinics in Barcelona

  • Health: experience and opportunities of the largest University Hospital in Barcelona Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
  • Safety: all medical and surgical specializations concentrated in one centre with an interdisciplinary team of specialists and the most modern and effective technologies for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Opportunities: treatment of the most complex pathologies.
  • Service: a wide range of medical services from prevention to treatment, from dentistry and aesthetic medicine to transplantology.
  • Comfort: Modern wards equipped with the latest technology
  • Accessibility: Quick diagnostics and immediate treatment

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