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Planning and organization of the treatment

To contact Valenia Health Services Barcelona Medical Tourism Agency, schedule a visit to a specialist, sign up for a check up, you can call us, send an e-mail or fill out a contact form on the website, and our staff will contact you.

After receiving the request, your application will be submitted to and considered by the manager who will then select the right specialist for you.

For the selection of a specialist, we may need additional information about your medical history, diagnosis and completed treatment. The manager may ask you to provide some printed test results, discharge summaries, as well as the results of health screenings.

The received materials are translated by our employees and sent to the clinic for further consideration by the appropriate specialist for the disease.

After receiving a response from the clinic, we translate all documents and send you an estimate for the provision of medical services with a detailed description. Our staff will answer all questions about the clinic, specialist, treatment program and stay in Barcelona. After confirming the readiness to come, the manager will agree on the dates of your arrival with the clinic, and if necessary, arrange a transfer, accommodation, interpreter who will accompany you.

We do not charge any additional fees for treatment. You pay only the invoice provided by the clinic. Additional costs that may be incurred are not related to the treatment and may include the following: a simultaneous interpreter, a transfer, etc.

If necessary, we provide visa support and arrange an invitation from the clinic to obtain a visa.

After giving a diagnosis or providing a treatment, all documents and discharge summary are sent to our department for translation. The translated documentation is sent or issued to the patient.

We keep in touch with our patients after the treatment and help them before, during and after their stay in Barcelona.

The staff of Valenia Health Services Barcelona know how important psychological support is when you are staying in another country and we are always ready to help you!

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