The specialists of VALENIA HEALTH SERVICES — are professional coordinators, consultants and translators with great experience in the field of medical tourism in Spain. We work with any medical case, including the most difficult ones, because we know we can help. World-class experts in areas such as oncology, obstetrics and gynaecology, neurosurgery, paediatrics, plastic surgery and others practice in Barcelona. We choose the most appropriate specialist and specialised clinics for the patients considering each problem individually.

Our company ensures the comfort of our clients and undertakes all formalities in the organisation of treatment abroad. We organise the whole stay in Barcelona — from the registration of visa documents to the patient’s return home after treatment. Our employees translate all medical documents, necessary for a quick case study and proper treatment program choice or check up for free.

Taking into account all the details of the process and the difficulties that a patient seeking treatment in a foreign country might experience, we will schedule an appointment with our specialists based on individual preferences and will closely supervise the services provided by the hospital.


Check Up —  preventive, but very effective procedure, recommended by doctors around the world as the best way to check health and prevent serious diseases.


Barcelona’s modern paediatrics not only based on the outstanding achievements of the specialists in the treatment of various diseases but also on their unique relationship with their patients — great care of the emotional comfort of the child and his parents.


Spain has more than 50 transplantation clinics, two of the biggest can be found in Barcelona: Hospital Clínic and La Fundació Puigvert. Bone marrow, kidney and liver transplantation to foreign patients are permitted from a living donor by Spanish law.


Gynaecological Barcelona’s clinics are conforming to all the international norms in the field of gynaecology and provide treatments and preventive measures for diseases

Pregnancy and delivery

Deliveries in Spain have several advantages. Firstly: reliability, ensured by the qualification and vast experience of Spanish doctors. Secondly: comfortable conditions offered by private clinics in Spain, taking into account the smallest wishes of the patient.

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Every year, in the largest Cardiology centres of Catalonia 2,000 operations are carried out daily, with more than 200 child patients. The mortality rate from myocardial infarction is less than 2%. In the treatment of arrhythmia, more than 1,000 ablations are performed in adults and more than 150 ablations in children, whereby the mortality rate for this procedure is equal to zero.

Orthopaedic surgery

As one of the world capitals of football, it simply has to be the most advanced medical care in the field of orthopaedic surgery. World known surgeons of Barcelona: Ramon Cugat, Rafael González Adrio, Joan Nardi. Among their patients are -politicians, sports stars and show business celebrities.

Neurology and neurosurgery

Several large clinics provide neurological treatment in Barcelona, with sophisticated treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Barcelona also has several well-known centres for neurorehabilitation: Institut Guttmann, Hospital Nisa, – specialises in treatments of severe damage to the spinal cord and brain, spine injuries and limb paralysis.

Nephrology, urology and andrology

In clinics of Barcelona you can apply for a check up and treatment of all the diseases of the genitourinary system. The vast experience, qualified personnel, innovative methods and unparalleled percentage of successfully treated patients are the main advantages of andrological treatment in Barcelona.


According to the SEOM (Spanish Cancer Community), in recent decades the death rate from cancer in Spain declined by 13 percent, while in Catalonia it reached historic lows, indicating the great progress of Spanish medicine in the treatment of cancer.


Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases are performed at the private Ophthalmology Centre of Barraquer – the country’s largest centre for vision correction and corneal transplantation. In 2015 Barraquer Centre was the first in Europe to successfully implant bionic eyes in a blind patient.

Plastic surgery

In terms of the number of plastic surgeries performed, Spain ranks the third in the world, after the USA and Brazil. Every year there are nearly 400000 surgeries, that take place worldwide, 80% of which are performed in Barcelona.

Dentistry and Orthodontics

Modern technical equipment, highly-qualified staff and expert medical experience are complemented by foresight and concern for the full comfort of the patient.



Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment is a safe and non-invasive treatment based on supplying pressurized oxygen by means of a Hyperbaric Chamber at 1,4 atmospheres (ATM), above normal ambient atmospheric pressure of 1 ATM. The increase in oxygen availability produces beneficial effects in the organism.


Our company Valenia Health Services together with Genomic Genetics International presents you a number of programmes related to genetic research. These programmes can be performed without your personal presence as online consultations from all over the world.

Genetic preventive programme

Genes directly condition our lives, state of health, performance, etc. Their proper medical interpretation allows us to anticipate a tendency to potential illnesses to which we are vulnerable. Our genetic structure can be altered in a negative or positive way, giving us competitive advantages or resistance to certain damaging agents, as for example the APOE


Our genes condition our lives, the state of our health, and therefore our performance. Genetic analysis permits us to design a personalized plan focused on alleviating the genetically marked, specific risks and simultaneously enhance our strengths to obtain an optimum quality of life.

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