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Health plans, balanced diets, health advice and disease preventive measures, are general, useful and generally, based on statistics.
Genomic Genetics International and its Age Management programme, takes a step on from population statistics to singularity and the personalization of preventive plans. Based and focused on the individual and the information that their DNA provides us with, the information is medically applied with guaranteed effectiveness in a safe and scientifically-tested way.
Personalized programmes with knowledge of from where and how to act to optimize the state of health throughout your life.

Blocks analyzed

  • longevity potential
  • potential risks
  • vascular risk
  • lipid metabolism
  • thrombosis
  • haemorrhagic stroke
  • arterial hypertension
  • endothelial vulnerability
  • metabolic syndrome (obecity / insulin resistance)
  • bone health
  • carcinogenic processes
  • oxidative stress
  • immune system response and pro-inflammatory tendency
  • cognitive and psycoaffective potential
  • general response to medicine

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