Delivery in Barcelona

Delivery in Barcelona

During labor, the parturient is under the constant supervision of an obstetrician-gynaecologist, a midwife, an anaesthetist, a paediatrician and, if necessary, other physicians specializing in parturient diseases. During childbirth, new mothers can have an epidural anaesthesia if requested, which has no effect on the child.

A person accompanying the parturient may be present upon delivery (father, mother, sister), except if a caesarean section is needed.

The mother-to-be are placed in individual chambers, where a single attendant may be constantly present. If the child is healthy, he is constantly with his mother, which is very important for the baby. Also upon request of the child’s mother, the baby may be taken away for the night, in order for the mother to rest and recover after childbirth. Medical personnel and individual nurses take care of the newborn and the mother, teaching the later proper feeding and care techniques for her child.

The hospital provides everything the mother and her baby need, including diapers and hygiene products. Taking into account the wishes of mothers: whether she wishes to feed the child herself or use formula, also provided by the hospital.

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