The Gastric By-pass | Valenia Health Services

The Gastric By-pass is a surgical procedure, through laparoscopic approach, that reduces the gastric capacity and additionally creates a slight malabsorption of the nutrients, obtaining an effective and long-lasting loss of weight.

It is carried out in adult patients (18 to 65 years old) with Obesity type III (above all in IMC > 45 kg/m2) or Obesity type II associated to diabetes mellitus type 2, who failed when trying to losing weight with diet and exercise.

Loosing weight is achieved by means of two mechanisms, matching a very reduced stomach capacity (restrictive component) jointly with crossing the small bowel (By-pass) entailing that only 60% thereof is used for the absorption of nutrients (malabsorptive component).

The Gastric By-pass achieves loosing 60-70% overweight after 5 years, jointly with the improvement or even remission of the comorbilities associated to the Obesity, such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus typo 2, dyslipidaemia and sleep apnoea syndrome.