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Our working environment constantly demands maximum performance, and competitiveness is not compatible with a poor physical condition or lengthy or repeated sick leaves. The enterprising professional knows it, and for that reason, being at peak physical condition, today more than ever before, is essential. The demanding rhythm at work, stress or tension associated, for example, with making decisions can take its toll on our health at any time, so it is important to control, as we get older.
Genomic-Executive is a specifically designed programme oriented towards preventing illnesses, which are characteristic in executives these days: executives, who are committed to improving their quality of life in order to achieve the maximum physical performance not only in their professional environment but also in their personal lives.
It is designed for professionals subjected to high levels of stress, pressure and responsibility, which can lead to occasional ailments or a general lack of health. The objective is to maximize their performance, by optimizing their physical condition.

Blocks analysed:

  • longevity potential
  • potential risks
  • vascular risk
  • lipid metabolism
  • thrombosis
  • haemorrhagic stroke
  • arterial hypertension
  • endothelial vulnerability
  • metabolic syndrome (obecity / insulin resistance)
  • bone health
  • carcinogenic processes
  • oxidative stress
  • immune system response and pro-inflammatory tendency
  • cognitive and psycoaffective potential
  • general response to medicine

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