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Prominent surgeons work in the cardiology departments of the largest medical centres of Barcelona and a wide range of cardiac procedures are performed there. Heart check up, preventive procedures, treatment of all types of cardiovascular diseases are carried out using the latest technical equipment.

The cardiac medical centres of Barcelona treat the following:

  • congenital and acquired heart defects,
  • vascular disorders,
  • cardiomyopathy,
  • heart tumours
  • cardiac arrhythmia,
  • ischemic heart disease.

The level of cardiac surgeries in Barcelona may be evaluated using different indicators. Every year, in the largest Cardiology centres of Catalonia 2,000 operations are carried out daily, with more than 200 child patients. The mortality rate from myocardial infarction is less than 2%. In the treatment of arrhythmia, more than 1,000 ablations are performed in adults and more than 150 ablations in children, whereby the mortality rate for this procedure is equal to zero.

Paediatric Cardiology and cardiac surgery

The department of Paediatric cardio-surgery of Barcelona, in hospitals like Sant Joan de Deu and Valle d’Hebron, – are one of the few centers in the world, where surgery is carried out on children under the age of one and about 30% of the patients are children under the age of 1 month.

For the cardio-surgical treatment of adults and children likewise, a multidisciplinary approach is used in solving the patient’s problem, that is, the most effective treatment plan is chosen by the cardio-surgeons in cooperation with specialists in electrophysiology and arrhythmias, hemodynamic, angiology.

Paediatric cardiology in Barcelona has a low mortality rate (2%) and post-surgical complications, as well as a low index of repetitive surgery.

Cardiac rehabilitation

The program of cardiac rehabilitation in Barcelona is designed for patients of all ages. It includes special procedures and exercises aimed at reducing mortality and the risk of postoperative complications and improving the quality of patient’s life post cardiac surgery.

Among the cardiologists and cardio-surgeons of Barcelona — there are several specialists with international recognition:

  • Dr. Josep Brugada – world specialist in arrhythmias and sudden death
  • Dr. Manel Sabate – famous specialist in the field of interventional cardiology
  • Dr Jose Maria Caffarena – paediatric cardio-surgeon with the best results in the world
  • Dr Fredy Prada – a leading specialist in the field of infant hemodynamic

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