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In short, nephrology deals with the kidneys, urology with bladders and andrology with the male reproductive system. These medical specialities are closely linked. It is no accident that separate clinics and institutes are built for the study and treatment of the whole complex of urogenital diseases.

In Barcelona there are several well-known clinics for the treatment of urogenital diseases: Clínico y Provincial de Barcelona, Hospital La Fundacío Puigvert. They are among the most respected and advanced medical centres in Europe, specialised in urology, nephrology and andrology.

In the clinics and departments of andrology in Barcelona treatment and diagnosis are carried out using the most advanced technological equipment: prostate surgery using the latest version of the Da Vinci robot, treatment of urolithiasis with laser surgical devices (Holmium:YAG and KTP lasers) and shock-wave methods.

In clinics of Barcelona you can apply for a check up and treatment of all the diseases of the genitourinary system. The vast experience, qualified personnel, innovative methods and unparalleled percentage of successfully treated patients are the main advantages of andrological treatment in Barcelona.

Here you can get detailed information about treatment in Barcelona and make an appointment with a specialist.

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