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Spain — very popular among those who wish to give birth abroad. Deliveries in Spain have several advantages.
Firstly: reliability, ensured by the qualification and vast experience of Spanish doctors – in Barcelona alone, more than 15000 babies are delivered every year, furthermore, it records a low level of child mortality. Doctors in Spain are very prudent about pregnancy and delivery, conducting all the necessary examinations and tests to eliminate the possibility of complications for the mother and her baby.
Secondly: comfortable conditions offered by private clinics in Spain, taking into account the smallest wishes of the patient.
Finally, pregnancy and delivery in Barcelona — it’s just a great opportunity to go through this important period in the beautiful climate, enjoy fresh sea air and eco-friendly products, have a rest and gain strength before such an important event as childbirth.
If you are planning on giving birth in Barcelona, consult our specialists in VALENIA HEALTH SERVICES, we shall help you choose a clinic and register for an appointment.


Monitoring pregnancy begins at an early period of 8 weeks. Major visits to specialists and surveys are scheduled every four weeks.
Very important check-ups are conducted by 11-12, 20-22 and 34-35 weeks of pregnancy, including blood tests and ultrasound. One of the most important tests is the probable occurrence of trisomies, including Down’s syndrome. This analysis is performed on the 11-12 week of pregnancy and if a high risk is determined, it is possible to do additional examinations.
Starting from the 36th week visits to the doctor are held once a week. This is the moment when the woman can see the face of her future baby using ultrasound 4D. At this point, we begin the preparation for childbirth with a full explanation of everything associated with this event.
Throughout the pregnancy the woman is recommended to practice physical exercise, such as gymnastics for pregnant women, yoga, hydrotherapy, which improve the physical, metabolic and psychological condition of the expectant mother and prepare the body for childbirth.
If you are planning on having your pregnancy and delivery in Barcelona, contact our specialists at VALENIA HEALTH SERVICES, we shall help you choose a clinic and get an appointment.