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Spain has been the leader in organ transplant and donors for over 20 years. This success is due to a reform in the field of transplantology, also known as the «Spanish model», which is now recommended to other countries as a template of efficiency. Great success in transplantation in Spain, meant that in 2015 – 4 .769 transplantations were carried out, which is 10% more than the previous year, not to mention 2 905 kidney transplantations, 1 162 livers, 299 heart, 294 lungs, 97 pancreas and 12 colon transplantations were performed. That same year saw an absolute record, 36 transplantations per day.

This is largely due to the great experience of doctors in Barcelona.

Bone marrow, kidney and liver transplantation to foreign patients are permitted from a living donor by Spanish law.

Spain has more than 50 transplantation clinics, two of the biggest can be found in Barcelona: Hospital Clínic and La Fundació Puigvert.

The employees of Valenia Health Services shall consult you on issues about transplantation in Barcelona and make an appointment with a specialist.

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