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Dr. Sergi Sastre Solsona
Orthopedic surgery and traumatology

Dr. Sergi Sastre Solsona

Specialist in Traumatology, Orthopedic, Arthroscopic Surgery, Knee Surgery

Dr. Aleix Prat
Medical Oncology

Dr. Aleix Prat

Head of the Breast Cancer Program at Baselga cancer Institute/IOB

Dr. Pablo Clavel Laria
Robotic surgery, neuronavigation and brain tumor surgery

Dr. Pablo Clavel Laria

Neurosurgeon and Director of the Instituto Clavel.

Dr. Bartolome Fiol Busquets

Expert in epilepsy surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery and brain tumors

Dr. Guillermo Montes Graciano

Specialist in brain oncology surgery and cervical and lumbar arthroplasty

Dr. Xavier Malaga Valle

Specialist in oncological and skull base surgery, medullary oncological surgery, degenerative spine surgery and trigeminal neuralgia.

Dr. Juan José Grau De Castro

Specialist in the treatment of breast, lung, colorectal, gastric, urological, head and neck cancer. Electrochemotherapy of solid tumors.

Dr. Laureano Molins Lopez-Rodo
Thoracic and General Surgery

Dr. Laureano Molins Lopez-Rodo

Thoracic and General Surgery Specialist at Teknon Medical Centre.

Dr. David Sánchez Lorente

Specialization thoracic surgery

Oliver Abadal Bartolomé

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor | neurosurgeon