Dr. Antonio M. de Lacy Fortuny | Valenia Health Services
Surgery, oncology
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Gastrointestinal surgery, Oncological surgery, minimally invasive surgery, robotic and laparoscopic surgery


  • Head of the Gastrointestinal Service at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
  • Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
  • Professor with Tenure of Surgery and Surgical Specialties at the Universitat de Barcelona.
  • IDIBAPS Investigator (Institut de Recerca Biomedica Agusti Pi Suñe).


  • Bachelor of Medicine: 1980 Universitat de Barcelona.
  • PhD: 1987 Universitat de Barcelona.
  • Specialty: General and Gastrointestinal Surgery, 1987 Universitat de Barcelona.
  • Fellowship: in Emory University (Atlanta), Pacific Presbyterian Hospital (San Francisco), Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland). Mount Sinai (New York), Cornell University (New York State).


More than 30 years of experience.


  • Global pioneer of robotic and laparoscopic surgical techniques (NOTES and LESS techniques).
  • Oncological Surgery (colon and rectal cancer, esophageal and stomach cancer, metastasis treatment – surgical resection, radiofrequency, etc. -, pancreas cancer, liver tumours).
  • Pioneer in use of the Cecil Approach (simultaneous robotic transabdominal and transanal approach to removal of rectal cancer).
  • More than 17.000 surgeries for more than 25 years.


  • More than 95% of the annual surgeries are performed through natural body cavities.
  • More than 400 colorectal surgery performed with TaTME technique.
  • First laparoscopic and thoracoscopy approach to oesophageal cancer
  • First laparoscopic approach to live kidney donation
  • Founder member of AIS Channel (Advances in Surgery)


  • Author of more than 175 national and international scientific publications and 19 book chapters.
  • Invited to more than 120 national and international events. · Participation in more than 320 national and international scientific meetings.