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What is it?

Myopia is an alteration in refraction, in which distant objects are focused in front of the retina instead of on it. This causes the vision of such objects to appear blurred


Symptoms vary for myopia, but the blurring caused when trying to focus on distant objects is most prominent. This causes the image of such objects to appear blurred. Its onset occurs in childhood and often progresses throughout adulthood


Treatment should be individualized in each case, but the treatment options are the correction with glasses and contact lenses. For years, the other option has been laser refractive surgery (PRK and LASIK technique). These are the most used, because of their proven safety and efficacy. In addition, in selected cases there are other surgical technique such as implantation of phakic intraocular lenses (without removing the lens) or aspirating the lens and implanting an intraocular lens (same technique would realize at an early cataract of high myopia).


Every patient with myopia should conduct an annual eye examination in a strict regime, since this disease has a significant functional impact.

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