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In Spain, ophthalmologists have achieved impressive results in the development and improvement of methods of treatment for diseases of the eye.

Surgical and laser treatment of eye diseases are performed in adults and children, using ultra little traumatic micro invasive intervention techniques in ophthalmology clinics of Barcelona.

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases are performed at the private Ophthalmology Centre of Barraquer – the country’s largest centre for vision correction and corneal transplantation. In 2015 Barraquer Centre was the first in Europe to successfully implant bionic eyes in a blind patient.

The Catalan Institute for Refractive Surgery (Institut Català de Cirurgia Refractiva, ICR) covers all areas of ophthalmology and offers services ranging from an elementary eye test, to the most complex surgeries.

Modern methods for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, the latest technologies and the unique experience of Spanish experts provide fast and effective solutions for any eyesight concerns.

Employees of Valenia Health Services shall consult you on eye treatment in Barcelona and make an appointment with a specialist.

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