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According to the SEOM (Spanish Cancer Community), in recent decades the death rate from cancer in Spain declined by 13 percent, while in Catalonia it reached historic lows, indicating the great progress of Spanish medicine in the treatment of cancer.

Several leading Spanish cancer clinics are located in Barcelona, where world-class specialists operate. Advanced methods to combat cancer, using the latest technology and the most effective methods of treatment in oncology are developed in the oncology departments of Teknon and Quirón, Dexeus (Desheus) clinics, Barnaclinic, The Institute Oncologic Baselga and Doctor Bellmunt Cancer Institute: a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment, radiation therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, robot surgery, etc.

Among the leading oncologists in Barcelona several experts have international recognition:

  • Dr. Joaquim Bellmunt — a prominent specialist in the field of urogenital cancer, combining the post of Director of the Dr. Bellmunt Cancer Institute and the management of a clinic in bladder cancer at the Cancer Institute of Dana-Farber in Boston, USA.
  • Dr. José Baselga — Head of the Oncology Clinic of Quiron Hospital and medical director of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center in New York, an expert on Molecular (targeted) therapy of cancer.
  • Dr. Josep Tabernero — One of the most cited in the world specialist in the treatment of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Dr. Antonio de Lacy — a pioneer in NOTES Surgery (“scarless surgery”) — minimally invasive endoscopic surgery through natural orifices. Instituto Quirúrgico Lacy — (IQL).
  • Dr. Rafael Rosell — one of the world’s leading experts in the treatment of lung cancer.
  • Dr. Isabel Rubio — a breast surgeon, breast cancer director of the department of oncology in the institute of Baselga.
  • Prof. Dr. Raimon Miralbell — director of the department of radio-oncology at Teknon Hospital, a world expert in the field of stereotactic surgery.

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